Monday, 27 April 2015

Um, art?

It's the start of my latest project, maybe. I'm planning to move up to monoprinting eventually, but you have to start somewhere so this is stencilling with hot glue and a spouncer.

I dunno. It's a bit out of my comfort zone, but that's probably a good thing.

I'll likely be drawing a flower after this, though.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Weapon of choice in Derwent drawing pencils

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is warrior. NHL playoffs are coming up pretty soon, although as a fan of a team that dislikes the playoffs so much that they haven't bothered to show up for years (sigh), I can't say that I'll be paying much attention.

The reason this goes with the prompt? Well, some of these players may think that they're warriors. Often the commentators call them warriors. They're not. They're highly-paid professionals who are generally only fighting for their salaries, given the fact that between the players and the management (and the whole system, really), there's not actually such a thing as team or city loyalty anymore.

Not much, anyway.

The closest I can get to warriors with these guys nowadays (the girls, of course, don't qualify for the highly-paid part. Maybe they're the real warriors?) is the fact that the sticks occasionally get used as weapons...

Ah well. If you want to put a more positive spin on this choice for the prompt, just think of all those weekend warriors out there who are still tying on the skates every week for some fun league or other. No highly-paid there either. Unless you count a beer afterwards with a group of friends.

Actually, that could probably count.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Daffodils in tri-tones

I've had to edit the snot out of this to get anything to show up, courtesy of my fussy cheap scanner. It's too bad, because part of the fun of using tri-tones is the unexpected things you get when you start shading, and that's totally missing from the scan. It's weird, someone like me liking that random factor that's a part of tri-tones, but I do.

Anyway, the Illustration Friday prompt is outside, and this is me doodling part of a bouquet of daffodils that my father bought me. Yeah, doodling "outside" inside. It's way too early for actual daffodils here.

I suppose flowers would be enough for the word outside, but Dad didn't buy me daffodils at random. April is Daffodil Month in support of the Canadian Cancer Society (and maybe other international societies? I'll have to look). The daffodil's meant to be a symbol of strength and courage for cancer patients/survivors and their families, amongst other things.

How does that fit with outside? Well, I can only imagine that finding yourself in the world of cancer treatment makes you feel outside of a lot of things -- your former life, life in general, the understanding of well-meaning people...

Yeah, that'd be me. I simply can't truly understand what it's like because I've been lucky so far. Lucky for myself, but also in my family. One aunt by marriage and one very old great-grandmother is all (and I know how unusual that is). A couple of friends. And I can't even pretend to understand what it's like.

I can support, though, and you can too. Buy a bouquet. Wear a pin. And be there for those in your life that haven't been so lucky.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Eggs in Derwent drawing pencils

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is strong.

Birds' eggs are amongst the most elegant and strongest constructions in nature. As long as the shell has no structural defects, a properly cradled egg can hold enormous amounts of weight.

The whole eggs and strong thing was ringing a bell, so I had a dip in my archives. Sure enough, back in 2009 the prompt had been strong as well, and I egged it up that time too. You can see that doodle below.

I guess that I really find eggs strong... or consistently, anyway.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Staple Hunting in Derwent drawing pencils

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is reflection. I figure that Tom (yes, that's right. Tom Cat is his name) deciding to hunt a staple that he found amongst some packing materials -- and which was immediately taken away from him because I'm no fun --  is kind of a reflection of his wilder relatives stalking actual food.

Tom's not actually a longhair, by the way. I was just feeling scribbly.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Turkey Brothers in Derwent drawing pencil

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is sleep.

You can't tell me that anything does sleep better than a cat. Unless it's two cats, that is.

This is a really (really) quick doodle of Tom and Bob. Yep, that's right. Tom Cat and Bob Cat. They're brothers, and they're turkeys. Thus, Turkey Brothers. If you want to see them in real life, just look for the label Turkey Brothers on my other blog.

Incidentally, I'm liking these Derwent  drawing pencils rather a lot. Smooth, soft, and much less fussy than Contes. In my limited experience, that is.

Emphasis on limited.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

A couple of photographic abstracts

 Just playing here, really. I took a few shots at a low shutter speed while moving the camera, then ran them through some filters with a simple photoeditor. I do it fairly frequently, actually, but these ones turned out kind of neat so I thought I'd post them.

I'm of two minds about things like this, to be honest. On the one hand, I made choices here. I decided where to crop, I decided what and how much colour I wanted, how many layers there were going to be, and how much of the original photo was still identifiable. But... does that make it art?

I suppose it does under most definitions, but it just doesn't feel like it to me. Manipulating photos, at least the way I do it, just seems too... I don't know, easy? effortless?... to count. I mean, don't get me wrong. I am definitely not saying that digital artists aren't artists. Not everything everyone does is to my tastes, of course, but I'm not trying to imply that there's not art there. There is. For me, though, when I do things like this I don't feel like I'm making art.

I'm playing. I'm seeing what happens when I press a particular button. If I don't like it, I try another button until I find what I want.

But doesn't that make it art, then? Do I really need to be holding a pencil in my hand to give myself permission to think that the end result could be considered art?

By the way -- for those stumbling onto this blog for the first time, I should say that when a post is nothing but questions it generally means that I really don't know where I'm going with this...

Anyway. I know that many people out there wrestled with this question ages ago and came down on whatever side suits their philosophy best, and that I probably seem pretty late to the party. I'm not; I think about these things a lot. I just don't usually post the things I'm playing with while I'm thinking of them, that's all.

Maybe I should do it more often.
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